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                      Product Show
                      Introduction of Anyang Iron and Steel Group Corporation

                    Introduction of Anyang Iron and Steel Group Corporation

                    Angang Group was founded in 1958 which was a small iron and steel works with the original design capacity of 100,000 tons steel per year.  After more than 50 years’ development, Angang has become a modernized steel group in mining and mineral refining, coking and sintering, steel smelting, rolling and machining, metallurgical construction, research and development, information technology, logistics service, international trade and the biggest iron and steel production base in Henan province with an annual production capacity around 10 million tons as well as an annual sales revenue over RMB 500 billion yuan.

                    Since the Tenth Five-Year Plan, Angang has taken the Outlook of Scientific Development as guidelines to accelerate the transformation of pattern of development, formulate and implement “three- step ”strategy and “internal stronger and external larger” development strategy with 30 billions investments for promoting structural adjustment and industrial upgradingcreating distinctive strengths. Thus Angang has achieved technical distribution more modernized, equipment upgrading larger and production more specialized, being in the first matrix among the domestic iron and steel enterprises. It has already formed one hundred varieties, about two thousand grades, such as steckel plate, hot rolled strip, medium plate, high speed wire, ductile cast-iron pipe, sectional material and bars, etc. which are widely applied in the industries of national defence, space flight, traffic, machinery, construction and ship floor, petroleum, natural gas and so on. The products are exported to more than thirty countries and regions including German, Britain, Japan, South Korea, and South African.

                    The structural adjustment for Angang exhibits three significant features as following: first, Angang has realized intensive and saving development by performing national iron and steel industrial policy and speeding up eliminating of outmoded equipments. Land stocking has been fully used by reutilization of old factory area and substitution of production capacity, hence formed 10 million tons steel comprehensive production capacity within insufficient 4.5 square kilometers old factory area. Steel amount per mu reaches 1480 ton and unit area availability coefficient ranks highly at home. It has explored a new path for the old state-owned enterprise to save the land, complete the structural adjustment and realize the industrial upgrading while simultaneous producing, innovating, disassembling and constructing on old factory area. Second, Angang has achieved sustainable development of conserving energy and reducing emissions and built a large number of circular economy and conserving energy and reducing emissions projects with 3 billion investments, thus speeding up the change toward resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise. Now, it has achieved zero draining of industrial water as well as the total utilization ration of solid waste materials is 100%. Spontaneous electric ratio has been more than 30% by recovery power generation with waste heat, residual pressure and energy. Third, It has realized the leap and bound development for improving core competence, established a large number of highly-efficient production lines with high-end equipments both at home and abroad to occupy the commanding heights of industry by one stepLeading products has finished comprehensive upgrading in which from low grade product to top product and from construction steel market to manufacturing field. The ratio of special steels has reached 70% above. Its advanced products are applied to the national priority projects such as Olympic Bird's Nest, Shanghai 101Building, Beijing South Station, Second “West-East” Project and so on. Ship plate has got the certificates by 9 International Classification Societies. Market share of high strength plate is in the lead of domestic engineering machinery industry. Fifteen products such as boiler and pressure plate, steel wire has won national metallurgical product natural quality “Golden Cup”, therefore, established a good brand figure.

                    During recent years, Angang successively has won such honor titles as the “ 11th National Quality  Cup”, “Advanced National Internal Audit Group”, “Nation Implementing the Remarkable Achievements Pattern Advanced Enterprise”, “National Outstanding Enterprise Golden Horse Award”, “National Standardization Good Behavior 4A Enterprise”,  “the 1st Henan ‘Governor Quality Award’”, “Henan Quality Credit AAA Industry Enterprise”, “Henan Province Innovation Enterprise”, “Ten leading Enterprises for Provincial Pollution Reducing”, etc.

                    Anyang Iron & Steel Group Co.,Ltd
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